Lady Rejects Marriage Proposal Owing to Man’s Big D!

Lady Rejects a Marriage Proposal Because of His Man's Big D*

A Twitter user identified as @Rutie_xx had claimed she had rejected a marriage proposal owing to his big D*.

The gorgeous looking lady got herself trending on the different social platform after revealing that she rejected her Man’s Marriage proposals.

According to Her, she rejected the marriage proposal because of her man’s big manhood.

She took to her Twitter handle to say;

“I rejected a marriage proposal because of the size of the D. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

I’m too tender for my womb to start shifting.”

Thus, the tweet indeed sprung up the different missed reaction, with some making fun of it while others found it difficult to believe.

However, a follow-up twitter user had claimed that she lied about rejecting a man’s proposals over his mans big D!!

The Twitter user identified as @followupers_ said the post was originally made in 2018 by another Twitter user identified as @Blecyn1.

The tweet which read;

” Just found out that @rutie_xx lied after all about rejecting a marriage proposal over the size of the man’s D!!!

The post was originally made in 2018 by @Blecyn1 , and Rutie has to copy it… Further check through her timeline shows she(Rutie) always …”

He added that her claims were a copied and an edited post.

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